Why Another Link Building Service?

There are no shortage of link building services, agencies and suppliers out there. Why on earth would the world need yet another one?

There’s a gap in the market. It’s very easy to find very cheap (but totally garbage) links, and in bulk. You can go to Fiverr, Facebook and many other places and buy dozens or even hundreds of links for just a few bucks. However when it comes to SEO, and link building in particular, the adage “you get what you pay for” is true to a large extent. These links have no authority and could actually harm your rankings rather than help them.

At the other end of the spectrum It’s also very easy to find very expensive links that an agency will source on your behalf. There are no end of agencies that provide link building services either in isolation or as part of a full service package. The trouble is, you’ll be paying 4 or even 5 figures a month for these services. Fine if your business is pulling in 6 or 7 figures but that’s a small minority.

There’s No Middle Ground

If you’re a company that knows absolutely nothing about SEO or building links and you don’t have a clue where to start, then to be honest, going with a “done for you” agency is probably going to be your best bet, and there are literally millions of SEO agencies out there!

Where we have seen a gap is for those individuals and companies that know enough about SEO to do most of the work themselves, but they just need to be able to purchase good quality links that aren’t going to break the bank. Furthermore, these people want to have more control over the links they are buying.

We built EN Backlinks for these kinds of people.

Solopreneurs & Small Businesses

In recent years the barrier to entry for all manner of online businesses has shot down. Anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection can start a blog, an affiliate marketing website, a drop shipping company, an ebook or online course business, a YouTube channel, etc etc etc.

There are so many kinds of businesses and so many platforms on which you can run those businesses. Many people make a good living exploiting just a single social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok. Some people might build a business around Amazon, Shopify or Etsy.

Now when leveraging another platform such as YouTube or Amazon, you get the benefit of the pre-built audience of course, but so does everyone else using that platform!

No matter what your business model, if you are operating online, you can benefit from SEO. Furthermore, whilst SEO is a large field with many moving parts, there is one thing that has not changed in decades and that is that backlinks are the currency of SEO.

Why Are Links So Important?

It’s obvious when you think about it – backlinks are the thing that easily separates like from like. What I mean is, let’s say you have two affiliate marketers who have built a small niche website to promote a single product. They both create the same amount and quality of content, they both structure and optimise their website in the same way. They built their sites at the same time and for the sake of this comparison, let’s assume that both have just the basic social media profiles with only a handful of followers.

So how is Google to rank them? What we are talking about here is organic website rankings. What that means is where a website (and the pages within that website) rank in the Google search results that are not being paid for by advertisers (the free traffic!) These two websites may be very similar but one of them believed in the myth of “build it and they will come” and the other actively engaged in quality link building from the start. The site with the better backlinks will outrank the other. Every. Single. Time!

What Makes EN Backlinks Different?

We focus primarily on two main areas – providing links on English websites with English traffic, and on links that have high metrics across the board – not just a high Moz DA like so many other services out there!

What we provide are really high quality links that don’t have any glaring red flags that make it obvious that they are paid for! How do we do this? It’s simple really, we acquire links on real websites! You see, what Google hates is blatant attempts at manipulation of the rankings. There have been literally hundreds of ways to build links to manipulate the rankings over the years, and Google can detect pretty much all of them.

So what exactly does Google want? They want to deliver the best results to their searchers. They want to be sure that when they present a webpage at the top of the rankings for a particular search term, that the page has really high quality content about the topic, that the page is on a real website that is fresh, provides good content and has all the markings of a real, legitimate and valuable website. When it comes to backlinks, it’s looking for exactly the same thing.

Rise of the Splog!

In these times of ever-increasingly intelligent AI and automation, anyone can build a spam blog (splog) in minutes. Furthermore, that splog can be populated with an unlimited amount of AI generated content with the press of a few buttons. At first glance, it might appear like a good site on the surface but delve a bit deeper and you’ll see that it contains nothing but useless, regurgitated content. Unfortunately most of the links that you can buy nowadays are placed on these splogs!

Without spending ages actually doing your due diligence and reading some of the posts, checking out the social media profiles and doing other sleuthing, how are you supposed to know if this website that looks like a good, valuable site is real, or is just automated garbage?

In one word – Metrics!

I have already mentioned Moz DA (Domain Authority). This is the metric that is most commonly used to rate how strong a website is. Most link building agencies will allow you to buy links at various threshold like DA30+, DA50+, DA70+ etc and when you see the higher numbers in particular, you might think, wow that must be a really good site!

But here’s the thing… almost any metric can be manipulated! Even traffic can be faked! I’m not going to dive into all the metrics that we track in this post as it’s already long enough, but I’ll leave you with this – whilst almost any metric can be manipulated, it’s very difficult to manipulate them all! The “one weird trick” to quality link building is quite simply, to acquire backlinks on websites that are genuine, full of good content and relevant to your niche.

We have a database of thousands and thousands of links, but how many of those do we sell? Just a tiny fraction! The vast majority of sites on which people sell links these days are not real sites. They might have one or two metrics that are really high but when you take a closer look you’ll see that these have simply been manipulated.

For example, a site that gets 10,000+ visitors a month but only ranks for 200 keywords, or a site that has 2,000 backlinks but 30% of their anchor text is a money keyword. There are many other examples and I’ll go into them in future blogs! Real website simply don’t have these red flags. What we do instead is form relationships with the owners of genuine and valuable websites to acquire editorial links from them, and it’s exactly the kind of content and links that Google loves!

Happy Link Building